Board of Directors

  • Paul Van Dun
    Chairman reMYND,
    Managing Director LRD

    Paul Van Dun is chairman of reMYND nv since its inception in 2002.

    After having held positions at KPMG and a private equity company, Paul joined K.U.Leuven Research & Development, the technology transfer unit of K.U.Leuven, where he is general manager and coordinates the activities in contract research, patenting, licensing, spinoff creation and regional development.

  • Rudy Dekeyser
    Managing Partner LSP-Health Economics Fund

    Rudy Dekeyser is currently managing partner of LSP’s newest fund: the LSP Health Economics Fund. Prior to joining the fund he has been managing director of VIB and manager of VIB’s technology transfer department.

    He has been board member at Devgen nv, CropDesign nv, Ablynx nv, Pronota nv, Actogenix nv, Multiplicom nv and member of the advisory committee of several seed and VC funds. He is board member at reMYND nv and Cardio3Biosciences sa and chairs the tech transfer boards of EMBL and NGI.

  • Ajit Shetty
    former Chairman of Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium and Corporate VP Enterprise Supply Chain of Johnson & Johnson

    Ajit Shetty had a very exciting and fulfilling career culminating as the Chairman of Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium as well as the Corporate VP for the Enterprise Supply Chain of Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest healthcare company. Ajit has held various functional responsibilities and was a major team player in helping to build the Janssen global network of companies as well as establishing the platform for Janssen USA.

    Ajit has an MA-PhD degree from Cambridge University (UK) and an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University (USA). In addition, Ajit is a Board member of Soudal NV and a member of the Board of Trustees for Carnegie-Mellon University. He is also a member of the Corporate Advisory Board for the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University (USA).

  • Koen de Witte,
    M.Sc, MBA,,
    Managing Director reMYND

    Koen De Witte is the managing director of reMYND since 2007, director of FlandersBio vzw (the Flemish biotech industry representative with more than 210 members) and member of the general assembly and co-founder of CMI (Centre of Medical Innovation, focussing on translational medicine).  

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