People :: Partners and collaborations

  • FlandersBio

    FlandersBio is the umbrella organisation for the life sciences and biotechnology sector in Flanders and has more more than 250 members.


    FlandersBio supports and facilitates the biotech sector’s sustained development and operates on a not-for-profit basis.


    reMYND is a director at FlandersBio, and is mandated to be part of the general assembly of the Centre for Medical Innovation in Flanders.

  • IWT

    reMYND has granted support from the government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT).


    reMYND received the IWT award for 'Company with an important social relevance' for its innovative in-house drug discovery research on Alzheimer and Parkinson.

  • The Michael J Fox Foundation

    The Michael J Fox Foundation funds research to pursue a cure for  Parkinson's disease.


    reMYND has received a grant from the MJFF to support reMYND's Parkinson's disease research.

  • The NPlast Consortium

    The key objective of the NPlast training network is to investigate neuroplastic principles to preserve or restore function and that can be used to ‚rejuvenitate’ the brain in the elderly as well as to treat neuropsychiatric conditions in adults.


    For information on the NPlast Consortium click here.

  • AgedBrainSYSBIO Consortium

    The AgedBrainSysBio project will study the basis of brain ageing, hereby focusing on the pathways involved in this process and identifying the interactions involved in normal and in disease conditions, with the goal of identifying novel drugable targets, diagnostics and therapeutics.


    For more information on the AgedBrainSYSBio consortium please click here.