From oral gavage to stereotactic brain injections, and everything else in between

At reMYND, we have extensive experience with testing small molecule as well as active/passive vaccination approaches, of which several therapies are currently in clinical testing. We can cover the whole array of routes of drug administration; from chronical daily gavage treatments to acute stereotactic brain injections. The dosing methods listed below are routinely applied by our skilled technicians and scientists. Besides, we have also acquired selective experience with continuous delivery of experimental treatments via osmotic pumps.

  • Oral treatment (food pellets, drinking water, gavage)
  • Intraperitonial injection
  • Intravenous injection
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Subcutaneous injection
  • Intranasal administration
  • Intracranial administration
  • Stereotactic injection in specific brain region
  • Osmotic pumps

For compound concentration measurements, blood can be collected from the animal by periorbital sinus or via heart puncture under isoflurane anaesthesia. We routinely take CSF in adequate amounts, both from young or old mice, for subsequent quantification of Abeta or tau levels by ELISA. At sacrifice, brain is collected and both hemispheres processed for biochemistry and/or immunohistochemistry assays. Alternatively, a microdissection for dedicated analysis in one or more particular brain regions is possible.