Tau.P301S inflammatory markers

Over the last years inflammatory markers gaind more and more interest in the Alzheimer’s disease field. Some papers report an inflammatory response before the onset of Tau-pathology (e.g. Yoshiyama et al 2007).

In the single Tau.P301S transgenic mice both microglial activation (Belluci et al 2004) and astrocytosis (Figure 1) is detectable in various brain area’s (brainstem, cortex) and can serve as an additional read-out in the Tau.P301S model.


Figure 1: GFAP (astrocytosis) reactivity in brainstem and cortex of Tau.P301S mice. Quantification data available on request.

For more information on inflammatory markers or a confidential data package on the Tau.P301S model please contact Bart Roucourt, CRO Manager.