reMYND receives license renewal from Schering-Plough for RadarScreen

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reMYND nv announced today that it has received the renewal of the non-exclusive license agreement with Schering-Plough (NYSE ticker: SGP) for the supply and use of RadarScreen, a novel yeast-based screening system that allows the rapid and cost-effective identification of genotoxic compounds in early stage drug discovery.

schering-ploughRadarScreen allows high-throughput identification of genotoxic liabilities, such as the induction of chromosomal breaks and DNA mutations, of compounds and their corresponding metabolites. It is a yeast-based technology comprising a fast, reproducible and highly robust enzymatic assay for costeffective screening in a standard laboratory environment.

In contrast with currently available tests, these characteristics permit extensive genotoxicity assessments early in the development process, already at the hit identification stage. As such RadarScreen provides guidance to chemical optimization and may prevent later stage failures.

reMYND has developed and validated RadarScreen over the past few years and is licensing-out this technology to the pharma, biotech, food, environmental, cosmetics and chemical industries. reMYND is currently also developing ready-to-use kits in the form of 384-well-plates in collaboration with BioPredic International, based in France.

Read the complete Press Release (pdf)

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